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 osCommerce Expert Monika Mathé
Monika Mathé - Your Consultant & Developer
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  •   Being a graduate technical engineer as well as an Oracle Certified Database Professional (OCP DBA) and osCommerce Expert, I take on custom coding projects and will provide excellent software for your needs. I now also offer osCommerce integration to WordPress. Enjoy browsing my projects!

    500+ unique stores and several osCommerce book publications

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    Spice up your osCommerce website using 69 mouth watering, ready-made recipes

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     Click to see the Interactive Media Awards for my VAGANT.DE project   IMA is known for recognizing the highest standards of excellence in website design and development and honoring individuals and organizations for their outstanding achievement.

    Proudly presenting the Outstanding Achievement award in the
    E-Commerce category for the VAGANT.DE website from July 2007.
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    Maurice Greenland, Owner of, UK
    "When I discovered Oscommerce, I knew just about enough about web design to be dangerous. Very dangerous! So I went looking for help and found Monika. I was immediately impressed by her willingness to help, her knowledge and her straight talking approach to business. I reviewed some of the work she had done and was very envious! I said I want my site to look that special!..."
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    Christiane Kugler, Owner of Costume Box, USA
    "When I first decided to open up my own internet store for Halloween costumes, I had no idea what problems would arise. I really had virtually no experience with setting up a homepage let alone how to install a shopping cart or contributions or how to write some simple code ... I tried my best and visited the osc forums frequently looking for answers to my countless questions. Fortunately here one day I found "Monika in Germany". I must say, this has been clearly my luckiest day!..."
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    Jan Reimann, Owner of
    "When I decided to relaunch my Shop by myself, I knew this would not be possible without Monika. For any problem I may have, Monika has the answer. I've been working with her now for about 2 years and her work and commitment are always a suprise. Regardless what kind of new features I am planning to add, it really doesn't matter how hard they are to accomplish..."
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    Doreen Leinberger for Nobel Schmuck, Germany
    "Monika has tailored for us an osCommerce template to fit our needs in terms of layout & design as well as in terms of administration. She drew up the overall online store incl. the different sub-brands, designs, photos etc. In the administration section, she has implemented for us several automatizations & routines that dramatically reduced workload for us for standard procedures - we now can focus much more on selling & marketing than we had been able to do before. She managed all work necessary from third parties - things we wouldn't have been able to do."
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    Wanda Hannah, Owner of Passion Seed Inc, USA
    "I'm rather new to osCommerce. I know enough programming to be dangerous and have ideas that I don't know how to implement. I needed help and specific programming to complete my shop as I envision it. As a member of the osCommerce forum, there are many users that provide solutions to problems that..."
    Areas of Expertise include
    • osCommerce Expert / CRE Loaded Specialist
    • WordPress Theme creation
    • osCommerce integration to WordPress
    • International consulting & Concept development
    • Designing / Layout / Templates for online shops & webpages
    • Template tuning
    • fckEditor integration
    • Visual Verify Code (VVC) security integration (click for demo)
    • Custom contributions & modules, feature and solution development
    • Contribution installation, integration and debugging
    • Custom shipping modules
    • Payment (Credit Cards - Protx,, eWay; Paypal, etc) modules
    • Custom admin area & reports
    • Technical error and issue resolution - Technical troubleshooting/debugging
    • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
    • php, asp, shared and full SSL integration
    • Author of

      osCommerce Books

       in English and German

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     Book Projects

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     Shops © by Monika

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