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Meet The Coder
Fascinated by anything combining logic and creativity, it seems that destiny found me in 1999 when I became a software developer and Oracle Certified Database Administrator.

It was a tough call to decide in which field to work, but landing a position in a marketing agency and working with everything from Oracle to SQL-Server and html, asp and javascript was a fabulous decision I still congratulate myself for! I learned more about marketing campaigns, e-commerce and CRMs than I had ever wanted to know, I mean, ever thought was possible!

 Meet The Coder  I specialize in the design of databases and online programming, including webdesign, online shops as well as customer relationship management tools.

I have also been taken in by the Open Source Community; I've become an avid believer in php (perhaps a bit less in mysql), and definitely in a love affair with osCommerce. I believe almost anything can be done with it ... I challenge anyone to prove me wrong! I'm an active member of the osC online Community and know preemptively which questions will arise in new shop creation. Presently, I am creating as many new shops for customers as time allows: of course while urging them to add as many custom coded modules as I see fit ... that’s dessert for me!

Creativity is my passion! Throughout my entire life I have been interested in creative work; I find that I am most productive and content with projects that involve my heart as well as my mind.

For any inquiries, questions or general interest, please feel free to contact me directly. I would be pleased to hear from you.

Monika Mathé

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