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Sam Bear
I just started to work on this Australian Outdoor Store that has been in working mode for a while. In this step of the project, I added my very own easy admin for attributes module, as the default osCommerce attribute handling is more than confusing for very attribute dependent merchandise like shoes. In addition to that, I added CVV check including a credit card dropdown to the payment module for credit cards. I'm looking forward to more fun!
 Sam Bear
Please check back soon as I'm just adding more screenshots and detailed descriptions for this project!
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 Sports On Parade
 Sports On Parade
This is an Australian Tennis Specialist's shop. Design and layout were originally done by the store owner but later redesigned to a tennis court design in the latest blues which I then added to the site. He booked me for my famous 1 hour makeover for revamping his site and the look could be tremendously improved. In additition to that, I added a lot of extra features, contributions and modified contributions as well as SEO and security handling.
Eway was configured as the payment gateway, quantity pricebreaks with an intelligent custom coded BUY X GET ONE FREE detector added and administration made easier by the option to add all attributes needed at once.
I modded the infopages contrib that now makes it possible to assign infopages to different boxes or even to no box at all, but a page to be linked to for example from a banner.

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