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My Quality

Planning a Project
Please try to write a small specification detailing your wishes, if possible provide some sketches, screenshots or links to other pages. If I am to work on a project already well on the way, I need to know about all features already implemented and in case of an osCommerce shop of all modifications and contributions added. As soon as I get a feeling for what your website needs, I will make suggestions on how to achieve it. More than often there are several paths that lead to success, and we will decide which one is the most suitable for you, depending on what aspirations you may have for the future of your store.

After the development steps have been decided on, a timeframe will be set by me. I stick to my timeframes very strictly which is extremely important for you the client when needing to launch a feature or site by a special date.

Quoting a Price
The price quote can happen in rates/hour or as a fixed price for a project. Should we notice during development that additional features will be needed and more changes/new aspects need to be created, the quote will be adjusted to reflect the time needed for these. With osCommerce, my quote will depend on the level of modification done to the shop that will touch the area we are working on.

My code is clear to read and documented, showing the outline of what the code is to do step by step. I use includes as often as possible to reduce time when finetuning parameters and function calculations.

When the project is completed, clients will receive a full set of changed files unless I have been working directly in their development area. Any questions arising during installation of the new modules will be answered patiently and promptly by me. I offer a 30 day support period for all new software - and I will guarantee the software to behave as expected or to even exceed expectations.

Support Tickets
I will either work on files directly or schedule a skype session to discuss you questions regarding your website and add-ons if you are stuck and/or need to plan a bigger project.

Book up to 2 hours of my time for a quick solution to your problems.

Choose your support time here:

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