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Kenya, osC Forum
"I optimized my tables in PHPMyAdmin and added this index as suggested. I have 1400 products and the difference it made is AMAZING! I have another site I will do this to next. I feel like a kid at Christmas! Very exciting to see the improvement. Thanks again for such a great contribution! Best regards, Kenya :) "

stelios, osC Forum
"From 1711 queries now my site is down to 50 and working fast thanks to the magic touch of Monika in Germany. Thanks Monika."

Jarrod, osC Forum
"I have been looking for a solution to this for weeks now. This did the trick. Thanks so much. Now I can let the hair grow back..."

Debs, osC Forum
"Thanks for your explanation, i've been going round in circles trying to work out how to input the numbers to get it right. Your a true star!"

zaq, osC Forum
"thank you Very Much for your Help. you are the Star of this forum, keep it up, you are 1 in a million "

Curtis, osC Forum
"OMG!!! A solution! I'm not sure what I just did there but it worked (as you figured, I was clearing the BROWSER cache). Monika, you are indeed most loved. Thank you. "

Ben, osC Forum
"thank you again! i cant believe how easy that was (I would have been there for hours ... ) without the help of people like you the whole OsCommerce thing would collapse - thank you Monika! "

Adam, osC Forum
"Hi Monika, i figured i would have a go at writing my own function for that problem with the continue shipping button. Problem number 1) where the hell do you start... So off i went to read a bunch of stuff... Problem 2) The BOOK is MASSIVE... and this function stuff is complicated... So in conclusion... Ive got alot more reading too do, and i appreciate 1000x more how much you help the osc community :-) ... you have one giant brain.

...Assault on chapter 5 continues."

Myke, osC Forum
"WOW, seriously I NEVER would of known that. Thank so much!!! JUST a life saver. "

Amanda, osC Forum
"great!!! Everything I'm supposed to worry about works now!!! YEAH!!! Thank you so much! "

Sam, osC Forum
"OK, YOU'RE a legend - thank you! Brilliant suggestion!"

Darren, osC Forum
"Monika, i just wanted to say thank again for all your help we have had this issue for ages then out of the blue you come along and sort it. we can't thank you enough ! "

salt, osC Forum
"you're truly amazing my dear, i wish i could buy you a coffee or something to say thank you for your support!"

Java Roasters, osC Forum
"That worked PERFECTLY, I bow in the presence of greatness. I would not have gotten that one. So much appreciated."

Michelle, osC Forum
"Thanks a million Monika - a true giver! Solution worked like a charm."

Mark R., osC Forum
"Dear Monika, your inputs here are wonderful, and just wanted to thank you for your efforts. I read the support pages, and your contributions always solve the problems!
It's nice to know helpful people still exist... "

Kevin M., osC Forum
"While developing my osCommerce website I ran into quiet a few issues ...Monika has helped me out time and time again. My site is still not 100% fully functional but will be soon. Monika to say the least is awesome and has my highest recommendation to any one needing her services for any technical help even when she is swamped with work some how had the time to help. I appreciate all the help and I hope to have it in the future as I get stuck. Thanks so much! You're the best!"

Andrew, osC Forum
"Now THIS is awesome! Thank you so much this has helped me no end."

Richard, osC Forum
"Hi Monika, wow - great job! :-) Thanks ever so much! I'll try and compare what you altered with the original files to see if I can learn a few things! Your banner code has really helped me. I also now know alot more than I did last week - cant wait to read your book! "

Simon E., osC Forum
"Well Monika you always amaze me - you are like an instant dictionary.
I call u with my problem you email me almost instantly with the solution - Sometimes you charge me sometimes you dont. Even when you charge me - the fee is so small i wonder how you survive :).

You are amazing and a massive credit to the oscommerce community - Im glad i found you and hope to develop a strong relationship with you as i develop my site with you.

I cant wait to get my book :-)
If i could quote one line it would be 'You truely are the Queen of PHP'."

Debbie D. Long Island NY, osC Forum
"Monika, you come through constantly, wether it be in a private request or through the comprehensive responses on the forums. Thank you for making my life easier and my store more efficient."

Tony, osC Forum
"Has anyone told you how wonderful you are? :-) Did the trick straight away. Thank you so much for your help and patience. I am now a fan."

James, osC Forum
"Already sent you a thanks on the board, but wanted to thank you personally. All to often we forget to say that, but you were most definately a big help. "

Jason, osC Forum
"You're unbelievable, Monika. Thank you SO much! This is so cool! Currencies are going to be updated every 6 hours! I love it! Thank you for everything, Monika. This is wonderful. If I can ever help you in any way, please let me know."

Mike, osC Forum
"Thank you Monika... Thats cured it.... i just got up and just this minute got through editing the files and it works brilliant. Thanks for your help with this matter. Much appreciated!!!!! "

Carl, osC Forum
"THANKYOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! greatly appreciated! .... only if everyone was like you :-)"

Mat, osC Forum
"Hi Monica, thank you so much for your help... I was stuck for 2 days on a little detail but impossible to fix... You came to my rescue and saved me!!
Thank you so much... It's so nice to find people nowadays who are still passionate about helping others... Take care! "

Shawn, osC Forum
"Hi Monika thank you sooooo much for your kind help again. My boss will be quite happy tomorrow. Without your help, I would pull all my hair out and hopeless...... This forums having you becomes so exciting and useful. Really appreciate your time. Have a nice day!"

Alan Burton, osC Forum
"Always helpful and always patient, her advice and guidance is friendly and clear. She has been a great support in both design and coding matters.My knowledge and site have both improved. Thanks Monika!!!"

Melhaa, osC Forum
"Thanks for your quick response, you're always a huge help. "

Gert, osC Forum
"Hello Monika, this is the 2nd time that you have helped me within an hour - thank you very much for all your help - really appreciated. "

Kelvin, osC Forum
"Thanks Monika, exactly what I was looking for. Once again you've been a great help :-) "

Graham, osC Forum
"Monika, thank you so much! This is the second time you've helped me. I am VERY grateful. Thanks again!"

Matt, osC Forum
"Monika, thank you very much, I have wanted to fix this for about 3 weeks or so. Thank you for your time. "

Nigelman, osC Forum
"Monika worked like a charm!!! I owe you a beer but seeing you're in Germany you wouldn't have to look to far to find one."

Stefano, osC Forum
"Hi Monika, thank you very much for your help!!!!
Now all works fine. You saved me a lot of hours of work."

Bob, osC Forum
"Monika - you are an absolute STAR !!!!!!
Thank you very much for making me stick with it, my eyes were so tired I couldn't even read properly. Thank you for all your patience, time and effort helping me out."

Peter, osC Forum
"Thank you Monika! I always appreciate being helped by the Goddess of osCommerce! "

Seth, osC Forum
"I stumbled across your site and have found myself looking through just about everything you offer -- I'm so impressed with your work."

Selena Fulford, osC Forum
"Monika is the best. She really knows what she is doing with oscommerce. Our hosting company had us running around in circles for over a month. She was in the system for what seemed like less than an hour and she fixed it! She is a pleasure to deal with. If you want to use someone who will treat you with respect, then Monika is the person to hire. When she says that she is an oscommerce expert, it is the truth. Thank you Monika so much! "

Jeff, osC Forum
"Thank you very much for taking the time to reply, and so quick too. My hair is getting somewhat thin and this will enhance the life of what's left no end... I am really most grateful to you. "

Michael, osC Forum
"Monika, thank you. I am dancing and singing about Euros now, and faraway Web Wizards. I spilled my morning coffee all over my keyboard I'm so excited!"

Mark, osC Forum
"After all the help that you have given me over the last year all I can say is a GREAT BIG THANK YOU. I wish all forum members were as forthcoming and helpful as you Monika. "

Seth, osC Forum
"You're a Genius!! BIG BIG KISS FOR YOU!!!
I left some of the code out.. lol I don't know how that happened. Thank you for your time! "

Paul Franklin, osC Forum
"I have been reading your blog and many of your numerous entries in the OSC forum. Indeed, you have kindly helped me on several occassions. Although this is obviously your full time business you have regularly provided support to OSC users (even newbies like myself).

I have to say that I am a fan of your websites and particularly like the 24-7 Mobile Accessories, which is colourful and functional and tos24 which is very unique. The 24-7 Mobile Accessories site is exceptional as it appears totally individual despite using OSC as it's basis. The tabbed sections at the top and the stylish boxes are something that I will be striving to emulate over time.

Anyway, enough rambling. I just wanted to say thank you for your comments when I was setting up and well done on an informative blog and excellent sites."

doktorwunder, osC Forum
"Monika, I don't know if a thousand 'thanks' would be enough It's just perfect... Product images shows up correctly, and details too! I just need to re-enter my products again and that seems to be fine. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you !!!!! You are definitely the best!"

Paul, osC Forum
"I have been struggling with this for some time. All of my previous attempts at sending HTML Newsletters failed as the recipient just received the html code and not the images. With great thanks to Monika who has provided so much help (as I have only been working with php and OSC for three weeks) and has helped me to understand the workings of OSC."

Karen Bown, osC Forum
"I am working on developing my own osCommerce website and Monika has helped me out a lot. My site is not fully running osCommerce but it will soon. Monika has always been there for me to help even when she was swamped with work. I appreciate all the help she has given me and appreciate the help I hope to have in the future as I get stuck. Thanks so much! You're the best!"

Laura (BodyTags), osC Forum
"Wow and Wow and Wow .... Not only fixed it but got rid of the new products box. Monika in Germany you are an amazing soul and I can't thank you enough for your help. Seriously, it worked perfectly ... you must be a techie angel. Thanks so much. Thank you thank you thank you!"

Clyde Eisenbeis, osC Forum
"I just viewed the painted4kids site ... very nice. Everything looks so seamless ... the same look throughout ... with a lot of eye appeal. Monika has a skill not matched by many folks."

Chris, osC Forum
"Monika has been a great help to me when I had problems with anchor tags in osCommerce. She knows what she is talking about and on top of that she is very kind! What better help can you wish for. A true expert with a kind heart."

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